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Galloway ReCycle Sportive is a non competitive cycling event organised by the Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright, started in 2011 to raise money for charities.
Beginning and ending in Kirkcudbright where the River Dee enters Kirkcudbright Bay, three routes of 30, 67 and 81 miles take cyclists along quiet country roads through beautiful scenery, along the coast, beside rivers and lochs, through wonderful woodland and up and down the Galloway Hills.
This is a fun event run by friendly people in order to enable others to enjoy the practical and pleasurable benefits of cycling. 

Cycling for Charity Galloway

Raising Money for Charities

Galloway ReCycle Sportive is run by volunteers so we keep our expenses to a minimum and maximise the amount raised for charities. Your enthusiasm for cycling and participation in this event will ultimately benefit those less fortunate.

Half the money raised goes to Rotary Club charities while the other half goes to cycling-related charities:

Killie Can Cycle, based in Kilmarnock, collects bikes donated from around Ayrshire and restores them to good working order, selling some at low cost to children in Scotland and donating the rest to children in third world countries.


Killie Can Cycle

Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright